Which Love Is Blind Couples Are Still Married? Here’s All We Know so Far!

Netflix’s groundbreaking reality show, “Love Is Blind,” has quickly become an international cultural sensation since its premiere in 2020, captivating audiences worldwide with its innovative approach to modern romance. The concept behind “Love Is Blind” is simple yet intriguing: individuals date without seeing each other; communicating via pods instead, with engagement or marriage possible even before seeing eye to eye! While numerous couples have successfully made it past this social experiment and into marriage or engagement despite obstacles outside of show; nine couples in total have shown that love truly can be blind! Read up on these couples, their journeys and where they stand now:

Navigating Love and Life Together

  1. Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton: One of the first season’s beloved couples, Cameron and Lauren celebrated five years of marriage this November 2023. From secret vows to public admiration has been marked by milestones ranging from travel adventures, property investments and attending high-profile events together as a couple – not forgetting Mr. Sparx of course who makes for one happy family dynamic!
  2. Matt Barnett and Amber Pike: Matt and Amber’s relationship has been an exciting journey from Peru travels to NASCAR racing thrills; sharing travel passions together only strengthens their ties.
  3. Brennon and Alexa Lemieux: Meeting during season 3, Brennon and Alexa quickly became fan favorites, celebrating their two year anniversary by taking an romantic trip to Italy. As their journey into parenthood unfolds, with its inherent challenges yet eventual natural conception process adding another chapter to their love story, one thing remains certain for this couple – parenthood will only add new chapters of romance for these lovers!
  4. Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed: Season three’s surprise couple has caught everyone by surprise by opting for an unconventional living situation during their first few years as husband and wife, living separately during those early stages. After recently moving in together again, fans cheered with joy to wish them continued joy in marriage!
  5. Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown: One year since their secret televised wedding, Brett and Tiffany celebrate their first anniversary as an engaged couple and look ahead with excitement to their life journey ahead of house hunting and international travels.
  6. Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah: Kwame and Chelsea’s post-pod life has been one of personal and professional growth, with Chelsea embarking on her Netflix career path. Their commitment is evident through anniversary celebrations and shared experiences.
  7. Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski: Differing from most couples featured on “Love Is Blind,” Zack and Bliss’ journey towards engagement was unconventional – yet true love still found its way! Their pregnancy announcement and gender reveal has left fans waiting eagerly for the birth of their little girl!
  8. Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez: Milton and Lydia’s love story stands as testament to how far these two have come, defying age differences and long distance marriage with romantic gestures like an unexpected date night in Dubai that keeps their flame alive.
  9. Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés: Arguably one of the success stories from this season, their effortless chemistry and shared joy have cemented them as beloved couple – after marriage they share numerous travel adventures together as well as many sweet moments together.

The Journey Continues

These “Love Is Blind” couples provide us with insight into the complexities and beauty of relationships formed under unconventional conditions, from discreet beginnings to public celebrations, showing a commitment to one another as they navigated marriage with grace, commitment, and profound feelings for one another – providing hope and inspiration for viewers seeking love in today’s increasingly complicated world.

As “Love Is Blind” grows with new seasons and international spin-offs, its success stories serve as an illustration of its core message – love that transcends barriers is something anyone can believe. From facing life’s difficulties to relishing its joys, these couples show us that seeing isn’t necessarily believing when it comes to true love.

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