Vince Young Net Worth, Family, Career & More

Vince Young was once an esteemed NFL quarterback but has endured a turbulent professional and financial journey since being born on May 18, 1982 in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, Young’s early life was marred by hardship – including being involved in an accident at age seven and seeing his father face burglary charges; yet his talent on the football field shone brightly leading him through college at University of Texas and onto NFL.

What Affected Vince Young’s Net Worth?

Vince Young earned over $35 Million during his NFL career. Of this total amount, 30 Million came from his rookie contract with Tennessee Titans; peak salary season came during 2007-2008 when he made $13.1 Million. Furthermore, Young earned another $30 Million through endorsement deals such as Reebok, Madden NFL, and Campbell’s Soup brands.

What Caused Vince Young’s Financial Downfall?

Although Vince Young earned millions, his finances began to deteriorate rapidly after 2012. It became known that nearly all his fortune had been exhausted, leading him to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2014. Furthermore, legal battles ensued, including claims of over $5 Million misappropriated from him by former agents and financial planners.

How Has Vince Young Progressed Post-NFL?

After leaving the NFL in 2014, Young found employment with the University of Texas’ Division of Diversity and Community Engagement; later becoming special assistant for athletic department in 2021. Although financially and legally unstable, Young has continued his dedication to football by being honored inductions such as Texas Sport Hall of Fame, Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, and College Football Hall of Fame.

What Is Vince Young’s Current Net Worth?

Vince Young currently estimates his current net worth to be approximately $400 thousand – an enormous decrease from the millions he earned during his NFL career. Vince’s struggles serve as an important warning to athletes about financial management.

What Are Vince Young’s Personal and Legal Challenges?

Young’s personal life has had its share of trials. He married Candice Johnson from high school in 2012 and they now share son Jordan together. However, legal troubles such as two arrests for DWI in 2016 and 2019 have negatively impacted his reputation and finances.

Vince Young has earned numerous honors and awards during his football career. These include being honored as NFL Rookie of the Year in 2006 and receiving both an AP NFL Offensive Rookie Award and two Pro-Bowl selections. Vince also experienced considerable success during college – receiving both Rose Bowl MVP honors as well as Maxwell Awards for College Player of the Year.

What Are Vince Young’s Real Estate Investments?

In 2014, Young listed his Houston home for sale at an initial asking price of $849,000 but later reduced it to $815,000. Prior to this move he sold an eight-bedroom Brentwood, Tennessee residence for an impressive $1.15 million in 2011. All these moves could indicate his efforts at stabilizing his finances.


Vince Young’s journey from an esteemed NFL quarterback to facing financial struggles is an inspiring one, filled with talent, triumph, and heartbreak. Yet despite these setbacks, Young’s contributions to football as well as efforts to rebuild his life post-NFL are commendable and his story serves as a timely reminder of the fragility of fame and fortune and importance of sound financial planning practices.

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