Tommie Lee Age, Family, Bio, Career, Social Media & Much More!

Tommie Lee stands out in reality TV as an icon. Born June 19, 1987 in Newark, New Jersey and currently 36-years-old, Lee has successfully navigated her way into becoming one of the industry’s premier stars. Best known for appearing in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Baddies West series respectively; Tommie’s journey from her humble upbringing in Newark all the way through Atlanta hip-hop scene is testament of resilience, style, and indomitable spirit!

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Before becoming famous, Tommie Lee (originally Atasha or Latisha Jefferson), embarked upon an interesting and fulfilling path of challenges and experiences. As she ventured into the entertainment industry as concert promoter she demonstrated an adept ability for organizing memorable musical experiences for audiences of all types – an early career step which proved pivotal to her eventual rise to stardom by providing essential connections and insights into music/entertainment sphere.

Rise to Fame

Tommie Lee first rose to prominence upon joining Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta during its fifth season and quickly established herself as an audience favorite. Lee quickly won over viewers thanks to her straightforward nature, fashion-forward looks, and occasional drama– hallmarks that reality TV viewers appreciate! Her subsequent involvement on both sixth and seventh season only cemented her status as one of reality television’s top players; additionally her appearances on Baddies West brought another testament of Tommie’s versatility and appeal across different audiences.

A Social Media Phenomenon

Tommie Lee has made waves beyond television by building up an influential digital footprint with over 5 million Instagram followers, boasting fashionable looks, lavish dining experiences and exotic travel adventures shared through her account. Tommie’s account serves as an online diary chronicling both her day-to-day activities as well as reflecting her unique aesthetic and glamorous side – providing fans an invaluable glimpse of Tommie’s daily activities!

Personal Life and Challenges

Tommie Lee has not had it easy on her journey through life. At an early stage she faced one of her toughest tests when she gave birth while serving time in jail – an experience which left a profound mark upon both her perspective and approach to living; as well as being testament to both her strength and resilience – qualities which has won over fans globally.

Collaborations and Connections

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta emphasizes relationships and collaborations as key ingredients of success in its narrative. Tommie Lee and Karlie Redd’s relationship has drawn particular notice among viewers; its ups-and-downs serving to illustrate the complex nature of friendships within entertainment industries.


Tommie Lee has achieved greatness despite all odds in life; from early days in Newark through to her current status as reality TV star and social media influencer – showing with perseverance that any obstacle can be surmounted with determination and style. Her story continues to encourage many and prove that no dream or challenge should ever become too large or intimidating to pursue one’s ambitions.

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