Sara Evans Husband, Reveals that After Their Divorce, She and Her Husband Jay Barker Are Still Together.

Country singer Sara Evans recently shared some intimate news regarding her marriage to former professional football player Jay Barker. Following a turbulent period marked by Barker’s arrest for alleged assault, Evans revealed that they have decided to give their relationship a second chance and here’s what we know so far about their journey from estrangement to reconciliation.

What Caused Their Separation?

Sara Evans and Jay Barker’s marriage hit a rough patch in 2021, prompting Evans to file for divorce in August of that year. Although married since 2008, serious problems began arising around summer 2020, with Evans reporting their relationship taking an unexpectedly downward turn after an “horrible” fight between them in July that made her aware they were experiencing abuse within their union.

A Turning Point

Matters took an abrupt turn in January 2022 when Barker was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly trying to hit Evans with his own car, though later entered a “best interest” plea and received one year probation for reckless endangerment charges. This incident proved especially distressful for Evans and her daughter who was with her at the time.

How Did They Begin Reconciling?

A few months after Evans’ arrest, while on tour, Barker sent Evans a text that stated, “Everyone says I shouldn’t contact you, but you are still my wife.” Evans took this text seriously and gradually started communicating again – although Evans was firm about therapy or marriage counseling being preconditions to their reconciliation.

What Has Changed Since Their Reunion?

Evans notes that Barker has changed significantly since they reunited, crediting therapy and counseling as the source for positive changes in their relationship. Their efforts appear to have paid off: Evans now feels “happier than I’ve ever been”.

At a Key Turn in their Journey

Evans emphasizes how important forgiveness has been in their reconciliation journey, noting how her children who had witnessed Barker’s abusive behaviour have forgiven him; her Christian faith has helped guide this process of forgiving and healing.

What’s Next for Sara Evans?

Alongside working on her marriage, Evans has also been busy in her career. She recently launched her podcast “Diving in Deep with Sara Evans,” where she plans to discuss topics such as marriage, divorce, domestic abuse and motherhood. On June 7 she will release “Unbroke,” featuring new material she created since 2011. Her first single from this album titled “Pride” chronicles their journey together.

Final Thoughts

Sara Evans’ experience demonstrates both the power and possibility of forgiveness in relationships. While she does not advocate staying in abusive relationships, her story shows how with enough support and commitment it is possible to overcome even the toughest hurdles within marriages.

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