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Fitria Elfina Maharip, wife of former national footballer Safee Sali, recently revealed her ongoing mental health struggles, according to a report by Kosmo. According to this account, 44-year-old housewife Fitria revealed that her husband filed a nusyuz petition accusing her of abandoning their two children and returning to Batam, Indonesia; nusyuz is an Islamic legal term which refers to spouses not fulfilling marital duties or disobeying partners without justifiable excuse.

Fitria vigorously denied these allegations, insisting: “I did not abandon my children; instead, I gave them over to Safee as both their passports are under his possession. She went on to explain that she returned to Batam in order to seek asylum and protection from her brother with Safee’s knowledge but without obstruction from him.

How Did Safee Sali’s Actions Affect Their Marriage?

Fitria and Safee’s marriage began to break down around March last year after Safee began making significant changes in their relationship, specifically stopping video calls and admitting wanting to marry another woman who he thought could help his post-retirement career prospects. On 7 February she traveled to Batam to wait for him – an act which should not be considered nusyuz since Safee knew where Fitria was located at all times.

What Led to Safee Sali Announce Divorce?

On 11 February, Safee announced her intent to file for divorce via voice note, further inflaming the situation. Fitria claimed she had been forced out of their rented house in Puncak Alam due to Safee’s nonpayment. Fitria expressed concern for their two children: Shanika Salsabilah (9), and Shania Safina (7) who no longer attend school and who currently remain unknown to her.

What Happened at the Syariah Court?

Fitria’s distress became evident upon her departure from the Syariah Court on 18 March. She claimed she hadn’t had communication with her children for over one month due to Safee taking their daughters away on 6 February; an anonymous letter left in Safee’s car on 28 February revealed to Fitria that their children missed her and were upset about living under Safee.

Safee met Fitria to take the children’s belongings home but apparently left via the backdoor and used an e-hailing vehicle instead, leaving behind his vehicle along with a letter for Fitria’s house.

What Are My Next Steps in this Custody Battle

Fitria attended Syariah High Court with her lawyer to try to reach an agreement between Safee and herself regarding custody rights claims; unfortunately this process proved ineffective; hence the court case has been rescheduled to 9 May and Fitria remains determined to fight for her children, stating “This is my first experience being separated from them; therefore I intend on fighting hard on their behalf.

Fitria Elfina Maharip’s experience demonstrates the complexity and effects of marital disputes on mental health and family dynamics. While their custody battle continues, children remain top priorities and it is hoped that an agreement can be found that best serves their best interests.

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