Robert Nagila Wife, Rita Tinina’s Companion Pays a Moving Homage to Her

Rita Tinina was an iconic journalist. Her sudden and untimely passing at Kileleshwa home in Nairobi on March 17, 2024 left many in shock and sadness. Rita, known for her professionalism, warm personality, and infectious laugh, left behind an immense legacy in journalism as well as an ever-loving family unit.

What Happened to Rita Tinina?

Rita Tinina died peacefully while sleeping and her body was discovered on Sunday, March 17. News of her untimely demise sent shockwaves through the media community and beyond; as a journalist devoted to uncovering truth and informing the public, her absence will be deeply felt.

How Is the Media Community Reacting to Her Passing?

Rita Tinina’s Requiem Mass at Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi drew an outpour of grief and respect from colleagues and friends from media houses such as Linus Kaika, Zubeida Kananu, Joe Ageyo and Ken Mijungu from different media houses joined together at her memorial mass, while NTV’s Dan Mwangi provided an MC for this event, emphasizing Rita’s influence among colleagues from media houses across media houses.

What Did Robert Nagila Say About Rita Tinina?

Robert Nagila, Rita Tinina’s partner and veteran journalist himself, delivered an emotional eulogy at her requiem mass. He expressed his sorrowful feeling as well as their shared memories together; recalling their first meeting and Rita’s vibrant personality; invoking memories they shared together while providing comfort from her death.

Did Rita Tinina Have Any Children?

Rita Tinina was a doting mother to Mia, her eight-year-old daughter. Robert Nagila’s tribute highlighted Rita’s deep affection for Mia; not just as her daughter but as best friend and confidant as well. Nagila ensured Mia of continued support from all those around her as he underscored Rita’s inexhaustible love.

How Will Rita Tinina Be Remembered?

As Rita Tinina’s loved ones prepare for her burial, her memory will be honored as an extraordinary individual who left an imprintful legacy behind in journalism, vibrant spirit, and her familial affections. Rita will always be regarded as a principled, caring, influential figure within media industry as well as a doting mother to her daughter.

What Are Rita Tinina’s Funeral Arrangements?

Rita Tinina will be laid to rest a day prior to what would have been her 46th birthday on November 12. Her funeral arrangements reflect the love, respect, and admiration shown to her by family, friends, and colleagues from across media and society who came together as one to say farewell and celebrate her life and contributions in journalism and society.


Rita Tinina’s death is an immense sorrow to both media industry professionals and those who knew her personally. Her legacy as both journalist and mother will remain an inspiration and source of comfort to many people across generations. While we mourn her departure, we also honor and remember this remarkable woman whose warmth, integrity, and dedication left an immeasurable mark in so many lives.

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