Rfk Jr Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Age, Family, Career & More

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an American attorney, environmental activist, and radio host with an estimated net worth of $50 million. Born January 17th 1954 in Washington D.C. to Ethel and Senator Robert F. Kennedy; tragedy struck early as his father Robert was assassinated 1968; this event would go on to define all future endeavors of Robert Jr.

What Is Kennedy’s Educational Background?

Kennedy began his educational journey at Georgetown Preparatory School before attending Harvard University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in American History and Literature. Following that he pursued legal studies by earning both his Juris Doctor degree from University of Virginia as well as Master of Laws degrees from Pace University.

How Did Kennedy Begin His Legal Career?

Kennedy began his legal career in 1983 as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. Shortly thereafter he joined Hudson Riverkeeper as senior attorney, becoming one of the original staff attorneys there. Later that same year he created Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic to supervise law students engaged in environmental litigation matters.

What Are Kennedy’s Notable Cases?

Kennedy has become one of the premier environmental litigators. Working on cases against major corporations like ExxonMobil, Ford Motor Company and DuPont to focus on pollution, toxic waste disposal and environmental justice has garnered him recognition by Public Justice as a finalist for Trial Lawyer of the Year award.

What Are Kennedy’s Opinions of Vaccines?

Kennedy has become a divisive figure in the vaccine debate. As chairman of Children’s Health Defense, he has raised serious concerns over the safety of vaccines and any possible links they might have with autism and other conditions. His position has attracted widespread condemnation during COVID-19 pandemic where his views expressed discontent regarding vaccination efforts.

Who Has Kennedy Married?

Kennedy has experienced both highs and lows in his personal life. In 1982 he married Emily Ruth Black and had two children. Following their divorce he remarried Mary Kathleen Richardson who gave him four more. Tragically Mary committed suicide in 2012. In 2014 Kennedy married actress Cheryl Hines who currently resides with him in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

What Has Been the Response to Kennedy?

Kennedy has not lived an undisputably smooth life. He has experienced legal trouble over drug possession charges and acknowledged struggling with substance abuse; additionally, his personal diaries revealed numerous affairs during his marriages to further complicate matters for public perception of his public image.

What Are Kennedy’s Hobbies and Interests?

In spite of his hectic personal and professional lives, Kennedy has managed to pursue many hobbies. Since he was young he has enjoyed falconry as a passion; more recently he also enjoys whitewater kayaking – often embarking on expeditions around the globe!

How Has Real Estate Played a Part in Kennedy’s Life?

Kennedy’s interest in real estate can be seen through his property investments. He and Cheryl Hines owned a compound in Malibu until 2017, which they sold off and later moved into Brentwood where they currently reside.

What Is Kennedy’s Legacy?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s legacy combines environmental activism, legal achievements and personal controversies into an intriguing blend. Although often criticized for his anti-vaccine stance and personal scandals, he remains a prominent voice fighting for environmental justice and creating a cleaner and healthier planet – issues which continue to define his public persona and shape his legacy.

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