Reita, Eye Kei Band’s Reita Aged 42, the Gazette Passes Away

Reita was not only one of the founding members of GazettE but he was also an essential force in visual kei music scene. Recognizable by his trademark bandana spanning his nose and mouth area, Reita brought an unforgettable style and charismatic presence onto stage that captivated fans worldwide. Reita was actually Ryuichi Suzuki; over two decades of his life were dedicated to music with him impacting many through passionate performances and dedication to his craft.

How Did Reita Contribute to the GazettE’s Success?

Reita was instrumental in shaping the sound of GazettE since their formation in Yokohama, 2002, thanks to his dynamic bass playing. Formed with fellow musicians Ruki and Uruha, their original aim was to form something lasting; evidenced by hits like “Leech” and “Shiver”, as well as serving as the opening theme for anime Kuroshitsuji II. Reita’s energetic performance and musical acumen propelled GazettE to multiple top spots on Oricon Charts multiple times over its tenure – testament of his impactful contribution on their success!

Where Have Reita and GazettE Gone Since 2004?

Reita has been instrumental to GazettE’s journey from local venues to international stages; his relentless pursuit and evolving artistry were the catalysts. Their first album Disorder in 2004 launched their ascent in music world while subsequent albums saw them perform at major stadiums like Budokan and Tokyo Dome before embarking on their inaugural world tour in 2013 which further cemented global appeal, culminating in 20th Anniversary Compilation album Heterodoxy -Divided 3 Concepts- released in December 2022.

What Impact Did Reita Have Outside of Music?

Reita’s influence reached far beyond his musical achievements. His unique style and persona contributed significantly to visual kei – an artform which emphasizes visual performance as much as musical talent – inspiring fans to embrace individuality and express themselves freely through fashion and presentation. Reita also engaged directly with fans through social media engagement platforms, making him beloved figure both as musician as well as human being.

How Is the Music Community Responding to Reita’s Death?

News of Reita’s untimely passing has sent shockwaves through both Japan and abroad, prompting fans and fellow musicians alike to offer tributes for his contributions to visual kei music as a whole. GazettE’s official statement expressed profound thanks towards those who had supported Reita during his career; collective mourning of such an inspiring life cut short is still apparent today.

What Does Reita’s Untimely Departure Mean for GazettE?

With Reita’s untimely departure, the future of GazettE hangs by a thread. Not only have they lost an integral member but a piece of themselves as well; now more than ever their fanbase’s support will be essential in getting through this challenging period. While his planned private memorial service should provide some comfort to his loved ones, its direction remains unknown and many fans hope that GazettE will honor Reita by continuing to create music together.

Reita will leave a legacy as both musician and icon of visual kei music that will live long into the future. His dreams, passion, and unfaltering commitment to his art has left a permanent imprint upon the world – echoing his wish that GazettE would endure. Fans and friends remember Reita by holding onto his music, style, and spirit – elements that represent an extraordinary life dedicated to music’s transformative power.

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