Nick Politis Net Worth, Family, Career & More

Nicholas George Politis, an influential member of the automotive industry, currently serves as Non-Executive Director for Eagers Automotive Limited formerly A.P. Eagers Limited since May 2000 – over two decades of service! Additionally, Politis serves as Executive Chairman for WFM Motors Pty Ltd which is one of Eagers Automotive’s primary shareholders.

How Much is Nicholas Politis Paid at Eagers Automotive?

Nicholas Politis receives an annual total compensation of AUD$93,703, placing him amongst nine other executives who receive higher pay – Martin Ward being the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Executive Director who receives the highest-pay.

What Does Eagers Automotive Do?

Eagers Automotive Limited is a leader in the Australian and New Zealand automotive sector, owning and operating motor vehicle and truck dealerships across both nations. Their operations can be divided into four main areas: Car Retailing, Truck Retailing, Property Investments and Investments.

Car Retailing segment provides an array of automotive products and services, such as new and pre-owned vehicles, maintenance services, parts sales and aftermarket offerings. Furthermore, financing options are provided for vehicle purchases while it operates motor auction and forklift rental businesses.

Truck Retailing follows suit with car retailing by providing new and pre-owned trucks as well as related maintenance services, parts, and products and services to consumers.

Property transactions encompass the acquisition and renting of commercial real estate properties while Investments involve various investment activities. Eagers Automotive dates back to 1913 with its headquarters situated in Newstead, Australia.

What Does A.P. Eagers Look Like?

Eagers Automotive (formerly A.P. Eagers)’ logo represents its heritage and dedication to excellence within the automotive industry. While specific details regarding its design may not be shared publicly, typically representing its brand identity and longstanding standing reputation within its industry are usually available.

Who Are the Key Executives and Stock Owners at Eagers Automotive?

Eagers Automotive boasts a diverse and experienced team of executives and directors. Key figures include:

  • Martin Ward: Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Executive Director
  • Keith Thomas Thornton: Chief Executive Officer
  • Keith Thornton: Chief Operating Officer – Cars
  • Sophie Moore: Chief Financial Officer and Director
  • Denis Stark: General Counsel and Company Secretary
  • David Cowper: Non-Executive Independent Director
  • Timothy Crommelin: Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Daniel Ryan: Non-Executive Director
  • Nicholas Politis: Non-Executive Director
  • Marcus Birrell: Non-Executive Director
  • Gregory Duncan: Non-Executive Independent Director
  • David Blackhall: Non-Executive Independent Director
  • Michelle Prater: Non-Executive Director
  • Antoinette Yerbury: General Manager of Marketing & Sales
  • James Couper: Senior Executive of Operations

These individuals play a crucial role in steering the company towards continued growth and success in the competitive automotive industry.

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