Mike Ledford Niceville Fl ‘Ohana Day’ Pays Tribute to Mike Ledford, Beloved Food Truck Owner in Niceville

At an extraordinary display of community spirit and solidarity, Niceville, Florida residents gathered on March 18 to honor Mike Ledford – fondly dubbed “Sushi Mike”. At 42, his life was tragically cut short in an act of senseless violence on February 9th; leaving behind grieving loved ones as well as an area in mourning. Mike, well known locally for his beloved food truck “My Ohana”, which symbolized both food and fellowship was tragically taken from them all on this fateful day. Residents gathered for “Ohana Day”, an event which transformed grief into collective celebration of love and remembrance of memories shared.

“Ohana Day” was more than just another food truck rally; it was an emotional tribute to someone who touched many lives through culinary passion and infectious kindness. Hosted by 3rd Planet Brewing, local food trucks and businesses joined together in support for Ledford’s family in an unprecedented showing of support ranging from B’s Smoking BBQ to Thai2Go; attendees enjoyed an exquisite dining experience worthy of Ledford’s legacy while music, dance performances, shared memories, and dancing created a vibrant environment of communal healing on Ohana Day itself!

A Legacy of Kindness and Culinary Passion

Mike Ledford was more than just a food truck owner; he was an integral member of the Niceville community. His passion for creating delightful culinary experiences was equaled only by his dedication to cultivating an inclusive sense of family among those he encountered, which perfectly captured by Ledford through “Ohana Day”. Contributions made during this event – such as sales from participating food trucks, silent auction proceeds and merchandise sales proceeds – went directly towards supporting Ledford’s family during this difficult period.

Brian Detweiler of 3rd Planet Brewing shared Brian Ledford’s impact, noting his influence as both mentor and friend within the food truck community. Ledford’s generosity and willingness to assist were hallmarks of his character that inspired an all-inclusive effort called “Ohana Day”, an event designed to both raise funds as well as serve as an ongoing tribute to him among fellow food entrepreneurs as well as customers alike.

A Celebration of Life Through Music and Memories

Music played a central role in “Ohana Day”, with performances by local bands adding to the festive atmosphere. Among the performers was Chuck Tidwell from the band Duchess, who shared a close friendship with Ledford. Tidwell’s memories of Ledford highlighted his joyful nature and passion for life, attributes that were echoed by many who knew him. Detweiler’s recollections of meeting Ledford years before, at a sushi bar where Ledford worked, underscored the lasting impressions he made on those around him. Ledford’s ability to remember and connect with people was a testament to his genuine care and interest in others.

“Ohana Day” proved once again the deep impact that Sushi Mike has made in Niceville community. A celebration filled with laughter, tears, shared stories and dance – guests danced, dined and donated in memory of someone whose kindness, culinary excellence and community spirit will continue to invigorate and uphold Niceville for years.

Niceville residents demonstrated how even in times of tragedy there can be strength in unity and healing through celebration by remembering Sushi Mike Ledford with “Ohana Day”, not simply a farewell tribute but as an affirmation of all of the lasting bonds created through him and their friendship. Mike’s spirit will forever remain part of Niceville history and we shall honor and remember him with fond memories on Ohana Day and throughout its subsequent events.

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