Michael Jackson Children, Michael Jackson’s Triplets Everything About Bigi, Paris, and Prince

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, left an incomparable musical legacy behind. But perhaps more impressively than this is his legacy of three children who have all grown up under intense public scrutiny – Prince, Paris and Bigi are watched closely as they leave their father’s care and venture forth on their own paths with grace and determination. We take a deeper dive into their journeys to uncover how they’ve managed to honor his legacy while forging their own identities.

Who Are Michael Jackson’s Three Children?

Michael Jackson’s family life has always been of interest to fans and the media alike. Prince, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born February 13, 1997, followed by Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson born April 3 1998; Prince Michael Jackson II also known as Bigi (formerly Blanket) via surrogacy was then welcomed into this world on December 15 2002. Each has found ways to pay respect to their father while developing into unique individuals themselves.

How Have They Coped with Michael Jackson’s Death?

Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009 marked an enormously difficult milestone in the lives of his three children, Prince, Paris and Bigi. With suddenly thrust into public view and pressured into grieving on a personal level, they all coped in different ways with his passing; Paris spoke at his funeral and showed how deeply they were bound together; since then all three have found different means for healing and growth; reflecting often upon values instilled by their father in them: family values such as: family ties; pursuit of passions as keystones in their lives as keystones in their own lives.

What Are Their Pursuits Now?

Since 2009, Jackson’s children have taken various paths. Prince graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in business administration and established Heal Los Angeles philanthropy as part of his endeavors; Paris established herself in music and acting – her projects honor her father while still reflecting her individualism; Bigi has taken an interest in environmental causes as well as film critique and production.

How Can They Honor Michael Jackson’s Legacy?

Each sibling has found ways to pay tribute to their father’s legacy while remaining true to themselves and his values. Prince has taken up charitable work that mirrors Michael’s humanitarianism while Paris continues her artistic genius with musical and acting career similar to her father while Bigi stands up for environmental activism as she was inspired by him. Collectively and individually they participate in events and projects commemorating Michael’s life and contributions; public appearances or tributes on special dates mark these endeavors as they pay tributes or to celebrate his memory.

The Bond Between Siblings: How Strong?

Prince, Paris and Bigi share experiences they all hold dear as well as values instilled by their father that keep them close; supporting each other during both personal and public matters with an unbreakable bond that has seen them remain united by mutual respect, admiration and commitment to preserving his legacy – keeping their relationships tight while emphasizing how their individual strengths and weaknesses complement one another in creating the strength of family that keeps them close together.

What Does Michael Jackson’s Children Seek in Their Futures?

Michael Jackson’s children appear poised for an exciting future. Each has begun making an impression in areas they care deeply about – from philanthropy and music performance, to environmental activism and environmental protection efforts. Their father remains an influence as they grow and develop individually – however his legacy lives on through Prince, Paris and Bigi’s strong family ties and commitment to leaving legacies of their own.

After Michael Jackson’s sudden passing, his children have shown tremendous resilience and grace as they navigate life on their own. Prince, Paris and Bigi Jackson continue his legacy by carving their own paths as musicians, philanthropists or activists; making their mark and honoring his memory with every action taken – the world awaits with eager anticipation how these young Jacksons will continue transforming and shaping society in their unique ways.

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