Max Homa Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Age, Career And Personal Life

John Maxwell Homa, commonly referred to by his nickname of Max Homa, is an American professional golfer who has distinguished himself on the PGA Tour. Born November 19, 1990 in Burbank, California and starting to golf as early as three years old thanks to the sports culture in his hometown; over time he rose through the ranks to become one of professional golf’s premier figures known for his resilience and prowess on the course.

What Are Max Homa’s Origins and Career?

Max Homa began his professional golf career early on in Burbank. While attending Valencia High School, his talents in golf became evident and led him to take it more seriously. Homa attended college golf at University of California Berkeley, achieving significant successes such as being named first team All American as well as winning an individual NCAA Division I Championship – testaments to both his hard work and dedication as a golfer.

How has Max Homa Performed Professionally?

Max Homa made his professional golf debut at the Open in October 2013, making a dramatic comeback through winning at Rust-Oleum Championship on Tour in 2016 to regain his tour card. Since then, his journey has been filled with both victories and setbacks, culminating with him winning his maiden PGA Tour victory at Wells Fargo Championship this May 2019. Before that he had periods of struggle where only 12 cuts out of 27 events had made during 2015 PGA Tour season before finally winning at Rust-Oleum Championship on Tour in 2016 which secured back his tour card once more.

What Are Max Homa’s Notable Accomplishments?

In addition to winning the Wells Fargo Championship, Max Homa has had other notable achievements. He finished T-9 at his debut PGA Tour event and tied for 6th at Tour qualifying school in December 2013. In May 2014, his victory at BMW Charity Pro-Am provided crucial evidence towards earning him his PGA Tour card for 2015/16 season.

Max Homa is widely respected for both his achievements on the golf course as well as his contributions to his community and sport. He regularly participates in charitable events while using his platform to make golf an accessible activity. With an approachable personality and captivating social media presence, Homa has quickly become an online fan favorite that helps draw in newcomers to this form of athletic competition.

What Does Max Homa See Ahead for Him?

Max Homa’s career at 33 is more promising than ever. After multiple tour victories and earning himself the reputation as an exceptional clutch performer, Homa looks poised for major tournament success over time. His steady improvement and ability to handle pressure are qualities which suggest Homa will be one of his major tournament competitors for years.

Who Are Behind Max Homa’s Success?

Max Homa has been helped immensely on his journey by family and Lacey Croom, his bride whom he married this past April. John Homa and Bonnie Milstein have played an essential part in his personal and professional development as both an individual and golfer; furthermore, Max Homa credits his family and team as being crucial resources that have supported him during all stages of his professional sports career.


Max Homa’s journey from being an emerging golfer in Burbank to a respected professional on the PGA Tour is one that should inspire. His ability to overcome setbacks and dedication to improving his game make him a remarkable figure in golf; one who will likely remain part of its landscape for many years to come.

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