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Linda Plant is known for her perseverance and strong work ethic, making her one of the premier interviewers on British reality show, The Apprentice. Born in Leeds, United Kingdom, 1952, Linda made history when at 16 she left formal education behind to begin selling clothes at market stalls with her mother – an initiative that set the course of her entrepreneurial success later on in life. This initial step into business paved the way for future endeavors of Linda’s own.

Rise to Success

Linda Plant was relentless in her pursuit of success, moving from market stall to owning her own clothing store, wholesaler and then brand owner with Honeysuckle – which later she decided not to pursue further but served as an entryway into interior design and property selling. Today, Linda owns Homerun Interior Design + Property Sales as well as furniture company Plant Collections further solidifying her status as an influential business mogul.

The Apprentice and Beyond

Linda Plant first made an impression as an interviewer on The Apprentice when she joined in 2015, quickly earning herself the moniker “Queen of Mean” due to her fearsome and direct questioning style. Her primary duty on the show is assessing candidates and informing Lord Alan Sugar of their potential and capabilities; Plant’s tough approach helps identify worthy contenders for its grand prize of over PS250k.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Linda Plant remains tight-lipped when it comes to her personal life and net worth. Although she is married with three sons, details regarding these individuals remain scarce. Plant is known to divide her time between London and the US, often visiting both places regularly for business ventures; her social media posts show she enjoys close relations with both mothers in her family.

Linda Plant is an self-made millionaire with an estimated net worth estimated at over $10 million. Her success as a businessperson can be seen in her luxurious lifestyle – she even has her own five-story house in Regent Park London! In 2017 Linda made headlines when she offered up her PS12 million mansion for sale!

Linda Plant’s journey from 16-year-old school dropout to successful businesswoman and television personality stands as an ode to hard work, determination, and entrepreneurialism. Linda became widely recognized for her no-nonsense interview approach on The Apprentice which unearthed candidates with unrealized potential; off screen, Linda continues her own business ventures proving that ambition and perseverance can take one far. Linda Plant serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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