Jerry Savelle Death, Prophet Jerry Savelle Passes Away at 77

Dr. Jerry Savelle was a well-recognized figure within evangelical Christianity who passed away April 15, 2023 at age 77. This news was reported by Jerry Savelle Ministries International located in Crowley Texas – also his home – where he founded Heritage of Faith Christian Center as founding pastor.

Dr. Savelle was widely revered not only as an influential charismatic evangelist and pastor but also for his accomplishment as an author. Over his lifetime he wrote over 75 books; some such as “If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy He Can’t Keep Your Goods” and “Called to Battle, Destined to Win” becoming bestsellers. His writings had an enormous spiritual influence bringing spiritual guidance and motivation to individuals worldwide.

What was Dr. Savelle’s scope of ministry?

Dr. Savelle had an impact far beyond his local area; he ministered at over 3,500 churches worldwide spanning more than 40 nations, and maintained offices abroad including U.K., Australia, Canada and South Africa as part of his ministry – even playing an instrumental role in founding several international Bible schools.

Dr. Jerry Savelle hosted “Adventures in Faith,” a television broadcast by Jerry Savelle Ministries that reached an audience in 200 countries worldwide. Additionally, Dr. Savelle founded Chariots of Light–an evangelistic Christian bikers outreach with chapters throughout the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa–highlighting his unique approach to spreading the Gospel.

How did his peers react to his death? Dr. Savelle’s passing brought forth many heartfelt tributes from fellow evangelists and longtime friends alike, especially Jesse Duplantis who took to social media to express his sorrow, recalling Dr. Savelle as “a true general of the Lord” while celebrating their longstanding friendship. Duplantis expressed how much Dr. Savelle meant to him reminiscing over their close bond together and emphasising its depth.

Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries shared his memories on Facebook of over 55 years of friendship and collaboration between them, remarking on their harmonious relationship and shared families. Copeland fondly remembered Dr. Savelle’s contributions from early days of his ministry evangelizing efforts during Jesus Revolution at Pismo Beach CA.

Daystar Television also honored Dr. Savelle for his legacy and influence within Christian communities worldwide.

What has been planned in honor of Dr. Savelle?

His family and ministry have announced that a celebration of life event will be planned; more information on this will be made public at a later date. He leaves behind his wife Carolyn, daughters Jerriann Savelle and Terri Savelle Foy as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

What was Dr. Savelle’s lasting legacy?

Dr. Savelle left an indelible mark on evangelical Christianity through his extensive evangelical work and strong conviction in joy and faith. His teachings and books continue to inspire and motivate Christians worldwide while his approach to ministry, with its focus on outreach and community building, has left an indelible imprint upon evangelical Christianity.

Dr. Savelle left behind a legacy that serves as an impressive testament to his commitment to spreading faith and aiding spiritual seekers on their paths to joy. His teachings, visions, and influence will remain alive through his writings, church services, and through all those lives he touched during his ministry years.

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