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Janine Allis is an iconic Australian entrepreneur best known as the founder and managing director of Boost Juice Bars – a global chain of retail outlets offering smoothies and juices. Born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1965, Allis began her journey that would lead her to become one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen; through hard work, innovation, determination, and perseverance her success story continues today.

How Did Boost Juice Start?

Boost Juice was founded in Australia in 2000 when Janine and Jeff Allis decided to offer healthy alternatives in fast-food. Their first store opened in Adelaide, which soon after expanded into over 580 locations worldwide including Estonia, Chile, and Indonesia – thanks to Janine Allis’ visionary leadership that earned her the Telstra Australia Business Woman of the Year title in 2004.

What Motivated Janine Allis to Write “The Accidental Entrepreneur”

In 2016, Janine Allis shared her entrepreneurial journey in “The Accidental Entrepreneur: The Story of Boost Juice, Juicy Bits and All”. The book provides an intimate look into her life – from its humble origins through to becoming a successful entrepreneur – as it contains personal anecdotes, business tips, and lessons learned along the way. Its title captures its unanticipated path toward business success while emphasizing how sometimes opportunities come out of unexpected sources.

What Role Did Janine Allis Play in Shark Tank Australia?

In 2015, Janine joined the Australian version of Shark Tank TV show as one of its “sharks.” Her participation gave her the opportunity to invest and mentor budding entrepreneurs using her extensive knowledge base and experience – while simultaneously showing her commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and innovation across Australia.

What Is Janine Allis’ Net Worth?

Janine Allis’ estimated net worth stands at $75 Million as of 2024, due primarily to her successful ventures like Boost Juice Bars, Cibo Espresso and Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill. Allis is widely recognized as one of Australia’s wealthiest and most influential entrepreneurs due to her business acumen and strategic investments that have earned her this impressive sum.

Who Is Janine Allis’ Husband?

Janine Allis and Jeff Allis have been inseparable throughout her life and career, from life and business. Together they have built a formidable partnership which has yielded four children: Tahlia Riley Oliver and Samuel.

What Challenges Did Janine Allis Face on Australian Survivor?

In 2019, Janine took on a different kind of challenge by participating in the sixth season of Australian Survivor reality game show. Despite harsh conditions and fierce competition, she managed to survive 44 days on the island despite harsh conditions and intense competition – something she described as both horrendous and rewarding as it gave her time away from technology while reflecting upon life’s blessings.

Janine Allis Expands Entrepreneurial Reach By Launching The Business Academy

In 2024, Janine Allis expanded her entrepreneurial efforts by creating The Business Academy. This initiative provides education and empowerment to aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them tools, knowledge, and support necessary to excel in today’s highly competitive business environment. Janine’s commitment to cultivating future business leaders makes this initiative all the more impressive.


Janine Allis’ journey from Knoxfield to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational. Her story illustrates the power of hard work, perseverance and taking risks to reach success. Today, as founder and mentor for many in business world alike, Janine continues to influence and impact society with the positive message that anything is achievable with an optimistic attitude and hard work.

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