How Old Is Scottie Scheffler Wife?, Everything You To Need Know

On April 14th 2024, Scottie Scheffler won his second Masters championship at Augusta National by finishing eleven under par and marking a milestone moment personally as well as professionally. Not only was his victory celebrated with another green jacket but it was also marked with an emotive message sent to Meredith, his pregnant wife who had been absent due to pregnancy complications.

What Did Scottie Scheffler Say in His Victory Speech?

In his victory speech, Scottie Scheffler took time out to address his wife directly, expressing both his affection and eagerness to return home. “I love you sweetheart,” he stated before discussing how much their growing family means to him personally and their hopes that they could get home as quickly as possible in coming weeks. In addition, he alluded to some of the challenges associated with managing both professional sports career and family life simultaneously.

How Significant Is Scottie Scheffler’s Masters Victory?

Scottie Scheffler’s win at Augusta marks an incredible achievement: his second Masters victory cementing his status as one of golf’s premier tournaments and underscoring his prowess on one of its grandest stages. After setting high expectations with his inaugural win in 2022, this triumphant display cements his status among elite players in golf – as well as marking an important juncture in his personal life – making its significance all the more tangible.

What Preps Had Scheffler Made for His Family during the Tournament?

In preparation for his wife Meredith going into labor, Scheffler had prepared to leave quickly from the tournament if needed and return quickly home should she go into labor: “Definitely have an easy way of getting home, such as having someone access their cell phone; yes, I will always be available if and when necessary” he stated, illustrating his dedication to both family and career simultaneously. This demonstrated his unwavering dedication towards them both simultaneously.

How Has Meredith Supported Scottie Through His Career?

Meredith Scheffler has played a crucial role in supporting Scottie throughout his life and career, since their long distance romance during college years. Since 2020 they have been married, with Meredith’s presence at events, cheering from the sidelines, and emotional support behind-the-scenes providing essential mental and emotional wellbeing – essential factors in an athlete’s success.

Scottie and Meredith Are Preparing to Welcome Their First Child

Scottie and Meredith are eagerly preparing to welcome their first baby, which they anticipate with great joy. Amid excitement at expanding their family and anticipating changes this will bring, Scottie expressed the feeling that it could be quite wild: “I think it will hit both of us differently at different points during gestation, so it should be an exciting time in our family’s history!”


Scottie Scheffler’s 2024 Masters win marked not just a professional milestone but an intensely personal triumph that he shared with Meredith, his wife. Scottie excelled at the highest level of golf while simultaneously preparing to become a father – an accomplishment which shows both dedication and hard work off and on the course. Now embarking upon parenthood together, their journey exemplifies both professional success and family growth in harmony – Augusta being just the start of what promises to be an exciting and fulfilling year of family fun ahead.

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