Frankie Muniz Wife, Paige Price Discloses Their First Baby’s Gender

Frankie Muniz of “Malcolm in the Middle,” along with wife Paige Price, recently made some exciting news known to their fans and followers: they announced on Instagram on October 17 that they are expecting a son in March 2021 accompanied by a beautiful post featuring them sitting amidst an arch of balloons with friends and family surrounding them all bursting with happiness for them!

What Was Behind the Big Reveal?

Their joyous journey was beautifully documented in a YouTube video released by them in September. Frankie shared his emotions upon hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time; in it, he states, “We felt like we were living and experiencing a real-life miracle for the first time!” He jokes about having already started thinking up names and career plans for their unborn child!

Paige shared her reflections on their journey, emphasizing its challenges. “We knew we wanted it but our chances weren’t great,” she stated, noting some difficulties they experienced with medical appointments and its emotional toll on her.

How Did Frankie and Paige’s Love Story Begin?

How Did Frankie and Paige Start Their Love Story Frankie and Paige’s journey into parenthood is an extraordinary chapter in their love story. After becoming engaged in November 2018, they tied the knot in February 2020 as a celebration of their deep connection and devotion; Paige expressed her feelings about Frankie in a heartfelt Instagram post at that time: “You teach me every day; compliment me when I’m at my worst; push me beyond my edge, but when it seems I may fall off you are always there to pick me back up when I start showing signs of weakness!”

What Does This Mean for Their Future?

Frankie and Paige are about to embark on an exciting new chapter together as parents; adding mothering duties and fatherhood roles into their roles of husband and wife respectively. Their excitement at anticipating parenthood together has brought new depths of intimacy into their relationship as they prepare to face both its joys and difficulties together.

Conclusion: Looking Forward With Love and Laughter

News of Frankie Muniz and Paige Price’s anticipated parenthood has delighted their fans and supporters. As they await the birth of their son in March 2021, this couple are sure to experience many emotions and unforgettable moments together as their journey from loving partnership to family is one filled with resilience, deep bonds, joy, laughter and love! As they prepare to welcome their child into this exciting new journey we wish them both all of the happiness on this new journey together.

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