Emma Grede Husband, Who Is Jens Grede, the Spouse of Emma Grede?

Emma and Jens Grede are not just spouses; they form an incredible force in fashion and entrepreneurship. Emma, a visionary in fashion, and Jens, an experienced Swedish entrepreneur with an eye for business, have come together to form an empire that includes Skims Shapewear Brand, co-founded with Kim Kardashian.

How Did They Meet?

Emma and Jens share an extraordinary tale of romance and business success. After meeting in 2006 through their professional work, their paths crossed again in 2008 when they started dating and later married that same year. Since then, together they’ve built not only a family but also numerous successful companies.

How Did They Break into Fashion Industry?

Jens’ journey into the fashion world may have come as a surprise given his childhood ambition of becoming a skateboarder; however, his life changed after co-founding Saturday Group (a London-based creative agency) with Eric Torstensson (now his business partner). Prior to co-founding Saturday Group in 2003, Eric and Jens served as editors-in-chief at “Man About Town” magazine as well as creating “Industrie.”

Emma has always had a keen eye for fashion. Thanks to Jens and their shared vision, Emma and Jens have collaborated on many successful projects over time, such as Frame Denim which was launched with supermodel Karlie Kloss’ assistance in 2012.

How Did Skims Originate?

In 2019, Jens and Emma celebrated a major achievement: Skims was created. Jens assumed the position of CEO while Emma became founding partner. As soon as it launched, it quickly gained fame among celebrities due to its quality and inclusivity – according to Jens, this success lies in providing superior product at a price point that customers understand.

What Makes Their Partnership So Remarkable?

Emma and Jens’ partnership is built upon complementary skills and shared vision; while Jens handles business operations, Emma provides fashion expertise. Together they’ve expanded beyond Skims into other ventures including Khloe Kardashian’s fashion label Good American which they co-founded together in 2016.

What Is Their Business Philosophy?

Emma and Jens firmly believe in providing superior products that fulfill customer needs. While talent or celebrity endorsement may draw customers initially, quality and value remain what keeps customers coming back – this philosophy has been the driving force of their success.

What Is Their Net Worth

The Gredes have amassed an estimated net worth of $360 million according to Forbes; much of which can be attributed to their stake in Skims which was last valued at $4 billion. Their business ventures have not only brought them financial success but also industry recognition.

What Can We Learn From Their Journey?

Emma and Jens Grede’s journey exemplifies how passion, hard work and collaboration can result in extraordinary success. Their story shows us the value in complementing each other’s strengths, staying true to one’s vision, and continually striving towards excellence for your product or service.

Emma and Jens Grede are an inspirational power couple in every sense of the word. Since meeting as business partners, their journey from meeting to becoming formidable force in fashion industry is truly inspirational. Together they have built brands which not only financially thrive but are beloved by customers due to quality and inclusivity – their story stands as proof that when done right partnership and business philosophy will take you far.

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