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Blake Griffin has earned a name for himself as an icon of basketball excellence both on and off the court. Boasting an estimated net worth of more than $110 million and annual salaries that top $30 million per season, his rise from high school prodigy to NBA superstar has been one of talent, determination, and lucrative endorsement deals. Let’s examine more closely his career, earnings and life off court.

How Has Blake Griffin Created His Net Worth?

Blake Griffin built his financial empire through NBA salaries and endorsement deals. Since he started with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2004, he quickly rose up the ranks to become an All-Star six times – his initial contracts provided the foundation of his financial success but it was his $171-million contract extension in 2018 that truly catalyzed it.

What Are Blake Griffin’s Sources of Income?

Beyond his impressive NBA salary, Griffin has proven an unstoppable marketing force. Kia, Subway, AT&T, Vizio, and Nike have taken advantage of his popularity to negotiate endorsement deals worth between $6-10 Million annually; combined with his salary this is estimated at $35-40 Million per year!

Early Life and College Basketball: Where Did It All Begin?

Born in Oklahoma City, Griffin began his basketball journey under the tutelage of his former player father. As a high school and college player, Griffin achieved record-setting performances that garnered numerous honors, such as being named College Player of the Year. Transitioning seamlessly from college stardom to NBA rookie status through hard work ethic was never an issue!

Blake Griffin has made an indelible mark on NBA since being selected first overall by the Clippers in 2009. Although initial setbacks from injury caused him to miss some action early, such as winning Slam Dunk Contest in 2011, and earning the moniker of “the greatest rookie of all time.” Since joining Detroit Pistons as well, his time with them and then with Clippers has been marked by All-Star selections, high scoring games, and an unfaltering drive to excel even when injured.

Off the Court: What Is Blake Griffin’s Personal Life Like?

Blake Griffin has had an eventful life outside of basketball as well. From his romantic relationship with Brynn Cameron and their two children to legal matters and forays into acting and production all illustrate that he is more than just an athlete; commercial appearances as well as his production company showcase his keen business acumen which complements his athletic prowess.

Real Estate Ventures: How Is Blake Griffin Investing His Wealth?

Blake Griffin has made no secret of his interest in real estate as evidenced by his property purchases throughout Los Angeles ranging from $4.15 million Manhattan Beach property and $19.1 million Brentwood estate acquisitions – investments which display his strategic approach to wealth management and his real estate portfolio, totalling approximately $35 Million, showing smart investing choices made.


Blake Griffin’s remarkable journey from basketball enthusiast to NBA veteran and successful businessman stands as testament to his hard work, talent, and strategic thinking. Boasting an estimated net worth of more than $110 million with endorsement deals galore and an expanding real estate portfolio he leaves a lasting legacy far beyond the basketball court – one thing is certain – Blake Griffin will continue to excel both on and off the court!

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