Ahad Cheema Wife, Relationship, Height, Age, Bio, Who Is Ahad Cheema Wife?

Ahad Cheema, an established figure in Pakistani bureaucracy, recently assumed his new post as Federal Minister of Economic Affairs on March 11, 2024. Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Cheema’s career history speaks of his dedication to public service and economic development; holding both an MBA in Mass Communication as well as his academic background foretold an incredible journey within civil service.

What Are Ahad Cheema’s Accomplishments as a Federal Minister?

Prior to becoming a minister, Ahad Cheema served as Chief Executive Officer at Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Company where his contributions helped enhance Pakistan’s energy infrastructure and address power shortage issues. Prior to that he held various posts within Lahore Development Authority; these included urban planning projects aimed at increasing quality of life in Lahore and improving urban planning for its residents.

What Has Been the Cause of Controversy Surrounding Ahad Cheema?

The Aitchison College case surrounding Ahad Cheema has generated considerable debate, beginning when Principal Michael A. Thomson resigned in response to a directive by Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman to exempt Cheema’s sons, Mustafa Ahad Cheema and Eisa Ahad Cheema, studying grades 2 and 4, from their fees; upon request of Saima Cheema this decision resulted in their fees being waived for three years, sparking further debate over influence within educational institutions.

Who Is Ahad Cheema’s Family?

Ahad Cheema is married to Saima Cheema, whom has recently come under scrutiny due to the controversy. Together they have two sons, Mustafa and Eisa who both attend Aitchison College. Although not much is known about Saima Cheema herself, family life clearly plays an integral part of Ahad Cheema’s life.

How Much Is Ahad Cheema Worth?

Ahad Cheema reportedly has an estimated net worth of Rs 213.5 Million, reflecting both his career success in public service as well as his financial acumen. Unfortunately, however, as with many public figures the specific details regarding his assets and investments remain undisclosed.

What Is Ahad Cheema’s Educational Background?

Ahad Cheema completed his education by receiving a Master’s in Mass Communication. This degree has no doubt played an invaluable role in his ability to communicate effectively and navigate the complex terrain of public administration and policy-making.

What Are Ahad Cheema’s Physical Attributes?

Ahad Cheema stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 70 kg; both these stats reflect his dynamic personality and active lifestyle.

Ahad Cheema’s rise from bureaucrat to Federal Minister of Economic Affairs is one of dedication, skill, and resilience. His contributions to Pakistani energy sector reform and urban development stand out, and now that he serves in his current capacity he stands as one of its key figures within its economic landscape. Even amid controversy Cheema has maintained his focus on public service and development – making him an icon within Pakistani politics.

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